2023 TiTE Taiwan International Hardware Tools Expo

Event information

  • Project:Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers′ Association
  • Date:October 4th to 6th, 2023
  • Place:Taichung International Exhibition Center


The "Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo," scheduled from October 4th to 6th, 2023, at the Taichung International Exhibition Center, will also host the Hardware Industry Innovation Conference (TiTE Conf). This event is designed to combine digital technologies, sustainable development principles, and discussions on industry cybersecurity and Amazon cross-border interactions to drive innovation and elevate Taiwan’s global competitiveness in the hardware and tool sector.

Taiwan has established a strong foothold in the global hand tool export market, with the central region serving as a hub for renowned global champions. In 2021, Taiwan’s hand tool exports surged to $4.8 billion USD, marking a remarkable 27% yearly growth, largely fueled by the demanding U.S. infrastructure sector. Taichung, the chosen host city, not only concentrates Taiwan’s supply chain resources but also attracts the attention of prominent international brands, underscoring Taiwan’s formidable industrial competitiveness. As a premier procurement platform for global buyers, this expo is poised to accentuate Taiwan’s pivotal role in the international hand tools market.

Activity Points

  • Industry Association Leadership: Headed by the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers′ Association, the expo stands as the most representative event in the hardware tools trade, guiding Taiwan′s hardware tools industry to align with the international market.
  • Industry Collaboration: With the participation of related industry associations and the infusion of resources from government agencies, collaborative efforts are aimed at creating new value for the industry.
  • TiTE Conf: Creating a platform for industry exchange, connecting related sectors, sharing the latest technologies and market trends, injecting vitality into the industry.
  • Integrating Virtual Exhibition Halls: Combining virtual with physical, integrating online and offline resources to provide a real-time, direct communication platform, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the exhibition.
  • Exhibition Venue: Located in the industrial hub of central Taiwan, attracting international buyers and facilitating visits to production lines for professional buyers. It serves as a one-stop exhibition destination, making it convenient for both local and international buyers to attend.
  • Digital Tool LINE Fast Pass: Optimizing for a more convenient visiting experience to enhance overall efficiency and satisfaction for attendees. Visitors can receive real-time updates on the latest exhibition news, recommended forums, and other on-site event information.